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We design and implement secure, high-performance enterprise analytics systems on-premises and in the cloud.

For an organization to remain competitive, technology needs to be modernized in two main areas: analytics and infrastructure. There is a large gap between groups that use analytics software to discover and prepare data, build and run models, and produce insights; and information technology groups that build the underlying infrastructure. The IT resources required to properly support analytics software products can seem astronomical to an IT department, when compared to more modest IT resources for application servers, virtual desktops, databases, and so forth. Moreover, it takes significant skills to design and implement specialized infrastructure such as high-speed storage arrays or Hadoop-based clusters, in-memory processing servers, enterprise backup and other technologies that support analytics.

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About Us

Janssen Consulting Inc. is an independent IT Consulting firm serving the government, private, and education sectors in the Greater Sacramento Region, Bay Area and beyond. Our firm has been in business since 1997 and specializes in analytics infrastructure solutions. Our clients include large state agencies, universities and health organizations, financial services companies, retail organizations, broadcast companies and others.






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Areas of Specialization

Enterprise Design

Our design work is based on enterprise analysis, design and planning. We incorporate availability, scalability, performance, security and standards in a well-documented design that you can use as the basis for IT decision making and to build, upgrade or migrate your system.

On Premises Upgrade/Expansion

Upgrading, expanding, or replacing an analytics solution, with or without cloud technology adoption, involves an analysis of the as-is state, a reexamination of business requirements, and the formulation of a to-be state in a design that reflects the needs of your organization, today and in the future.

 Cloud Feasibility Analysis

For high-performance, large dataset analytics systems, public cloud access may not be fast enough, and cloud storage can be very expensive. Our cloud feasibility analysis assesses risk and compares benefits and cost of staying on-premises, embracing a hybrid cloud approach or moving completely into the cloud.

Performance Review

If your high-speed, large dataset analytics system is not performing as expected, we analyze all of the components that make up the system and locate the bottlenecks. Then we will provide recommendations for the most efficient and cost effective remedies to get back up to speed.

Cloud Migration

A public cloud based solution can bring many benefits in the areas of asset life-cycle management, scalability, efficiency, security, and others. We can help you adopt cloud technology that gives your organization a competitive advantage through the most innovative technology available.

New System Design

To do a completely new system design, we start by gathering needs and specifying the business requirements, followed by a definition of the components and technologies that are needed satisfy those requirements, following industry best practices and within a given budget.


The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.
— A.C. Nielsen


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